We are devoted to making a better world for Future generations.

Learn to act. Act to learn.

Who We Are

An organisation with a dedication to education.

Almost Streetwise is dedicated to educating young people and promoting positive attitudes towards progress and learning. We believe that young people are the key to a better world and by improving their understanding of significant issues we can make real change for a better world.  

Almost Streetwise was founded by India Martin who (since the age of 16) has aspired to promote social awareness among young people and is an advocate for educational reform in the UK. We aim to reach out to young people and expand their knowledge of certain topics so that safer and more diverse spaces are created for teens and children.

We understand that information is infinite and we are always working to improve our own understanding of the topics we discuss. We consistently update the information we’ve published to keep it accurate and make sure that people are as informed as possible when they visit our site. 

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces

It’s clear that the education system is failing us, young people especially. We are taught nothing about the importance and prevalence of diversity and the majority of young people don’t know how to properly socialize in diverse social environments.

Here at Almost Streetwise, we believe that educating young people is key to unlocking a better future for everyone. Our blog holds a variety of informative articles that we publish for young people to learn from.

We encourage young people to get involved in important discussions with a diversity of perspectives. We also want young people to understand that it’s alright to be wrong sometimes. We are all always learning.

At Almost Streetwise, we also hope to grow our platform to connect with a wider variety of people. 

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— Our Mission

We aim to educate young people and connect members of diverse communities so that they can engage in intersectional discussions about society. 


— Our Vision

We know that young people are remarkably capable of creating huge changes in society. By promoting education and awareness, we hope to see more activism among young people and safer spaces for marginalized communities. 


— Our Story

Almost Streetwise was inspired by the words, activism, and struggle of young black women. As teenagers, the team has embarked on a journey of education, constantly improving their understanding of the issues that face so many communities. 

Our values!

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Our feminism is entirely intersectional. We address issues facing women of colour, transwomen and disabled women, and sex workers especially. We provide educational resources that take an in-depth look at the issues different women face and the social systems that are involved.

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Race Equality

We publish consistent educational content about racial structures, racial biases, and institutionalised racism. We aim to raise awareness for the issues that black people, indigenous people and people of colour face.

demonstration, show me, climate protection


We advocate for the rights and needs of all members of the queer community and do not tolerate any form of xenophobia (homophobia, transphobia, etc) towards members of this community. We also look into issues within the community, such as body shaming, grooming, and misogyny. We address these issues to create a safer space for LGBTQ+ teens and children.